Rigging, Skinning and Posing

Work In Progress / 24 June 2020




Expected problem areas

The glove is an expected problem area for the skinning of the character as it has to have the feeling of multiple layers  of cloth stacked ontop of each other. Overall I just used the Geodesic Voxel method of skinning with some cleanup around the wrist

The Baggy Pants
I expected the baggy pants to be a problem area because of how floofy and wrinkly it is. Overall the skinning of it was very straightforward as it was just like regular legs. 

The Haircaps

I expected the haircaps to be a problem area because I would have to match the skinning to the original body exactly. I used a mix of Importing Skin Weights from the original body and Copy Skin Weights from the original body. For all the spline driven hair I had to repose it to add the feeling of some weight and motion. The Mustache bones aren't skinned to anything they are there for reference to keep the flow of the hair consistent .

The Tunic will be driven via a cloth effect in Unreal Engine 4. 

  Onto modelling a diarama and putting the character into Unreal, overall I am very excited to get this project done.