Retopo, Baking and Applying Feedback

Work In Progress / 03 June 2020

To start my retopo process I used Wrap 3.4 for my Body. This gave me 90% of my topology but as my sculpt is Asymmetrical around the eyes I had to redo one of them by hand. To retopo my clothes I started with the automatic Remesh out of Marvelous Designer, this didn't give topology that I was satisfied with so I had to do the retopo by hand.







Baking was the easiest part of this workflow so far as I split up everything into 2 Texture Sets. Texel Density is the exact same across all UV sets.

However I I recieved some feedback about the Abs and back of my character. I redid these in ZBrush, because these changes were so minute to the silhouette I simply rebaked instead of re-retopoing. 



   Overall I think I will have to redo the pants to get a proper result for the wrappings but I'll have to see how the texturing process goes.