Anatomy Studies - Leg Week

General / 05 March 2020

The King, 48 Hour Character Challenge.

General / 24 February 2020

I made this character during the same timeframe as the Global Game Jam. Overall I am happy with the quality of work I did in 48 hours. 

Sculpt January 2020-12 Absent

General / 12 January 2020

Anatomy Study: Arms Week

General / 17 November 2019

Over the past Week I ended up making 2 sculpts of a generic Arm. 

Tuesday-Thursday: 5 hours

Friday: 3 hours

48 hour character challenge

General / 30 September 2019

Last weekend (27th-29th) I participated in a local Game Jam, however I decided to do a full character instead.

For the human Model I used the sculpt from my full body anatomy studies. From that I added a basic face and made some clothes in Marvelous Designer. The retopo for the jacket was the most difficult part of the process as it was very asymmetrical and I have never retopo'd something with such intense wrinkles. The final Polycount sits at a bit less than 8.5k I do plan to see how low I can go with this character. . The texture work in Substance Painter could use some more work.

In the end I am proud of it for something I made in 48 hours

Full Body Anatomy Studies

General / 23 September 2019

Made in Zbrush over the course of 4 days.